Twinnig Institutions


Martin Luther University (MLU), Germany – Prof. Holm Altenbach

Topic: Modelling of thermomechanical behaviour of composit


Aalborg University (AU), Denmark – Prof. Ryszard Pyrz

Topic: Structural characterisation of polymer matrix composites


University of Glasgow (UG), United Kingdom – Prof. Matthew Cartmell

Topic:  Nonlinear dynamics and vibrations of composite structures with active elements

University of Aberdeen (UA), United Kingdom – Prof. Marian Wiercigroch

Topic: Experimental and numerical analysis of structures with geometrical and material nonlinearities. 


University of Roma “La Sapienza” (UR), Italy – Prof. Giuseppe Rega

Topic: Modelling and nonlinear vibrations of flexible and composite structures 


Polytechnic University Marche (PUM), Italy – Prof. Stefano Lenci

Topic: Modelling of intelligent composite materials and mechanical systems with application of nonlinear dynamics

University of Stuttgart (US), Germany – Prof. Siegfried Schmauder

Topic: Multiscale modelling and experimental analysis of ceramic matrix composites (CMC)

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece – Prof. George Papadopoulos

Topic: Testing of polymer matrix composites. Multiscale modelling of damageand fracture processes

University of Porto (UPP), Portugal – Prof. Pedro Ribeiro

Topic: Modelling and experimental testing of structures made of modern composite materials

Politechnica University of Timisoara (PUT), Romania – Prof. Liviu Marsavina

Topic: Numerical and mathematical modelling of cracks propagation in composite materials, including pavements (layered composites), experimental verification.

University of Rousse (UR), Bulgaria – Prof. Ivelin Ivanov

Topic: Impact loading response of modern composite materials applied in aerospace and surface transportation

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